How Fashion Has Empowered Women

Looking back through history, we can see the link between fashion and women’s liberation. As women have become increasingly empowered, their style has evolved in parallel. Clothing, their shape, and colour have become symbols of the movements, along with women gaining freedom of expression through their personal style and aesthetic choices. As we’ve sought empowerment, we’ve also sought out clothing and styles that reflect our renewed sense of self as well as the collective female evolution. 

Women’s Liberation and the Fashion Industry

Clothing is so much more than just fashion, it is an expression of our personality, our personal ethics, as well as who we are as creative souls. What we wear says a lot about our values and personal preferences. Over the years, women have turned to fashion as a source of inspiration, creativity, empowerment, and liberation. Along with feeling great about ourselves, fashion is also a tool for power and identity. As opposed to male dominated industries, many women have chosen to work in the fashion industry to explore not only their creative abilities, but also to influence the world with their art, self-expression, politics, as well as running conscious, inclusive and heart-centred businesses.

The female fight for equality has been a decades long endeavour. Today, women are taking a stance on platforms like social media to share their voices, unique perspectives, as well as their values, interests, and beliefs. Feminism and the fight against oppression, has meant that women are standing up for each other to fight for social justice. Our clothing choices as well as the brands we invest in give us the opportunity to vote with our money and resources.

Since the 1970s, there has been an increasing movement towards individuality, especially when it comes to fashion. We are being empowered to make our own decisions, to become more comfortable in our own bodies with body autonomy, and to feel confident in being our authentic ourselves. This extends way beyond fashion and into every aspect of our lives as women. We are now being called to dress for ourselves, to wear clothing that makes us feel fashionable and beautiful, in ways that are important to us.

Dressing and the Freedom of Expression

At Renee Clothing, our mission is to ensure you pair a sense of belonging with feeling empowered and having freedom of expression. We love being able to honour our heritages and personal values with clothing that makes us feel beautiful and special. Our designs range from classic to embellished dresses, all in luxurious fabrics and with delicate details, so you can explore your personal style and make the impression that you want. We want you to feel confident in owning your feminine side, whilst also feeling strong and powerful to stand out and claim your rightful place in the world.

Renee Clothing

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